Puch seat post solutions..

So, I'm trying to figure out how to mount this handmade leather Selle Italia saddle to my maxi.

The original seat post thing is OD 30mm if my measurements are accurate, so now I'm looking for a seat post to do the job.

I'd like to know among MTB and BMX riders if there is such a thing as a layback post with this diameter. Basically, I want the post to exit the frame, bend back and a bit down so I can clamp my saddle with the front in line with the seat post. I've included a picture of what I want it to look like roughly.

Any ideas..?


Re: Puch seat post solutions..

the picture doesn't really show it actually. seat wants to come back a little

Re: Puch seat post solutions..

I have not measured but by looking at a maxi seatpost looks to be the same diameter as a standard bmx seat post. I used to build freestyle bikes. Titec seatposts makes a 30mm or a good bike shop should have shims to adjust down to a more common seatpost size 27.2mm seems to be the biggie in mbx bikes these days.

Re: Puch seat post solutions..

Have not got a clue about the seat post .

Have to say that bike is beautiful.

Re: Puch seat post solutions..

Pushrod Fifty /

Make an angled post- Geta stock Puch seat post and drill a hole through the side of it that is the same diameter as the new seat post should be. Leave a 3/8" gap from the end for strength.Get a post that matches the new seat clamp diameter and cut it to the length that gives you the amount of setback that you want. Press the new post into the hole and have it welded. Add a bolt to the seat clamp to keep it from sliding off.

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