Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

Anyone ever tried to do this on a Puch maxi running EBR forks? Does anything have to be modified? What size etc..

Just a thought as Puch headsets have been hard to come by here in the UK and there's shed loads of cheap mountain/BMX bike headsets on eBay.

Any info appreciated,


Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

try it and let us know. if it were me, i'd try to upgrade and find something from a small m/c instead of downgrading w/ bicycle parts.

put a chris king on that thing, ha, ha!

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

I reckon some head sets are built to pretty high standards.

I'm sure a headset designed for the huge shocks and stresses of downhill will cope with general road use. A lot of them are fitted with sealed bearings too, unlike the standard Puch bearings.

I'll look into it anyway..

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

I don't know the sizes but its been done. I bet high-end downhill forks are better than standard EBRs but then they cost more too. My concern would be that the spring rates would be all wrong.

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

it would be nice to have a threadless head-set on my puch.

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

So I went out to the garage and took some measurements...

Now this is on a Trac moped, which is Korean made but probably would still be true for a Puch. The headset is 1 inch-a very common bicycle headtube size-I was even able to screw on the top cap from a bike to my moped headset. So that looks good if you can get a threaded headset, but here's the problem. Most good mt bike/BMX bike headsets are 1 1/8" as well as threadless. You have to use a clamp on stem to made the headset tight. I see that treats has Puch headsets for $12-pretty doggone good deal if you ask me! Now what I would like to do is put a dual crown mt bike fork that has disk brake tabs on it on my Puch. Now we would be talking! Anyone done it?

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

I've done it with older standard headset hardware, but i haven't tried with any newer 'performance' pieces simply because they're too expensive for the minimal gains in performance.

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

I did it i bought a King 2-Nut 1 inch we will see how it goes ill mill the headset and head tube if i have too pics soon. oh yeah for a 1978 Honda hobbit

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

Update Got the 2 nut from chris king in my hand sized it up to the bike looks like it will go no problem. Now all i need to do is check the steer tube it measured one inch so I am sure it will go.

Re: Mountain Bike Headset on Moped?

Im trying the same thing with my free spirit, however I'm going one step further and ditching the stock swing arm as well. I took mine to the local bicycle shop, they took the measurements for a good fit from my frame and we're going from there. I'm even going to try to swap out my wheels for 29 inch with a dual sprocket set up but its going to take some imagination.

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