1970 Honda Mini Trail Z50 Carburator

is there such a thing as a carburator kit for a 1970 Mini Trail Z50??

My roommate has one he would like to get going.

He beleives the carb needs going through.

Actually, we dont know exactlly what is wrong with it yet. Haven't even got it out of the shed, I just tought I would do some diggin on here to see what everyone knew about the Z50



Re: 1970 Honda Mini Trail Z50 Carburator

Check for spark before you do anything with the carb.

Pull the spark plug, put it in the plug cap and let it rest against the cylinder head. Kick it over and see if it sparks (a strong blue spark is best). Make sure key switch or run swithc is on for this test if it has one.

If the spark looks good, fuel it up and try to start it. If it won't start then look into the carb and possible fuel problems.

Re: 1970 Honda Mini Trail Z50 Carburator

Don Pflueger /

www.dratv.com sells rebuild kits for your carb.

Re: 1970 Honda Mini Trail Z50 Carburator

Don Pflueger /

another thing to look at if your old honda won't start is the hydraulic cam chain tensioner. if the gear box oil has not been changed regularly, the hydraulic piston on the cam chain tensioner will stick. this throws all the valves out of time and prevents the engine from starting.

to fix it, loosen the nut on the tensioner, spray it down with oil, then press on the piston until it starts to move freely. then change your gear box oil. use 10w-30.

hehe i used to work for honda.

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