Exprezz start probs, 81 won't go!

Help my poor miserable 81 NC50 run again!

It ran with starting problems, would start after only so many kicks, with rear brake pulled I learned, but got progressively worse to sitting for two months with no try.

-I've got a new plug, the old was covered, and has good spark.

-I took off the air filter and tried got nothing, took off exhaust to check port and has some carbon buildup but not near enough to preven running. Remember it ran before with start probs, carbon couldnt' have built up that quick right. With no exhaust on got nothing

-quick compression test blew my finger off the top end no problem

Pretty sure I have fuel going, didn't have time to take carb off and clean it today.

Q- Is there anything with the CDI that could be bad or since it's sparking all has to be good. Have dead battery in now, that wouldn't keep it from starting right? Would there be any connections in the headlight, tail light circuit that would keep it from starting?

I'm guessing it's the carb but I have no idea, but when I get the time next weekend I'll tear it apart and clean it good and go from there.


Re: Exprezz start probs, 81 won't go!

clean your carb,if you have a spark your coil and cdi are ok.

Re: Exprezz start probs, 81 won't go!

dead battery is fine, but expresses need A battery installed for them to get spark. sounds like youre ok there.

definitely carb issue.

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