Moped won't start in the cold weather...?

Shaun /

I'm having a problem with my moped, and I hope some people here might be able to help me...

In the winter (cold), my electric starter doesn't want to start my moped up, as if the battery is almost dead.. last winter, had to kick start it the entire season, and it got VERY difficult to do towards the end...

(this is second winter with it, and did change some stuff out this spring/summer, and haven't had a problem, until it got cold again...)

A) I bought/replaced the starter motor, the old one didn't appear to have any problems, but changed anyways (electric part = no return anyways)

B) Bought a new Bendix spring (I think is name, its the thing that spin's into place and makes contact with the starter and engine)

C) Bought new plug, and had someone adjust the idle (I think), idle was a different reason, as it would always cut off without a little bit of gas at all times.

D) Finally, bought a new battery, and never had any more problems (was spring about then)

As soon as I hooked up the new battery (while running, to charge), never had a problem again, until recently.

But now...

When I try to use the electric starter, it sounds as if the battery is almost dead... just a light kick will start it up fine now, but its starting to get to 30-40 F outside at night (when i'm leaving work), and getting a pain to start..

Any thoughts?

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