Solo Kleinmotoren

I don't have the puller to get the front

clutch off so I can replace the belt. How can I get it off?

(asking for a friend)

Re: Solo Kleinmotoren

It doesnt require a puller.

1. Take the pipe off from the cylinder.

2. Remove the starter arm.

3. Slip the belt off the big pulley

4. Take off the clutch nut. A piston stop or magneto holder helps.

5. Take off the clutch

Re: Solo Kleinmotoren



Re: Solo Kleinmotoren

To make a puller for this clutch, start with a rear stub axle off an 85 to 99 VW Golf or jetta (stock only) other rear v-dub stubs work. it is basically a 16 mm stub with a pitch of 1. drill the tip ina press to tap for a 12 mm bolt of whatever pitch you can get a tap and bolt. point te tip of the bolt, cut the tip of the threaded axle offf about an inch and a half and I bet you can guess the rest

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