Pinto Speedo bulb

There are two wires that plug into the bulb housing inside the speedometer on my Pinto. I have the speedo dissasembled right now. Does it matter which wires plugs into which post on the bottom of the bulb housing?

Re: Pinto Speedo bulb

Because I'm getting blow-outs. Documentation says that with the spedo light out, there is not enough resistence which in turn will cause the headlight to fail.


Re: Pinto Speedo bulb

As far as I know the wires don't matter. What does matter is if ALL the other lights are working on the bike. I had the problem on my Maxi where it kept blowing headlights.Found out that the speedo bulb was burnt.

Re: Pinto Speedo bulb

The speedo bulb burns out in minutes. Been trhrough three now. All the others seem fine.

I can live without it but I'd like to get it running if I could.

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