6v headlight replacement

i got tired of looking for a 6v headlight that didn't cost more than my moped, so here goes, i took the bulb out and removed all the guts on the back of sealed beam and installed a 12v halogen bulb and it is working fine, don't have a high and low just nice and bright. i got this at napa auto parts and it was #BP885 cost $8 and works great just slid clips on to the two on back and sanded a little off the clips and it slid into old metal sleeve on sealed beam... I used a micro torch to remove old solder from old back piece on the sealed beam then gently break old 6v bulb and remove all the broken gleas... heck with them $40 headlights......

Re: 6v headlight replacement

I kinda did the same thing with my headlight.


Re: 6v headlight replacement

i cut the end off my old express headlight and replaced the permanent bulb with an old taillight socket. now instead of $35 every time it blows, its $.80 for a new 1157. plus its way brighter than the stock bulb (although if i go down a big hill with the high beam on it WILL overload it.)

Re: 6v headlight replacement

I have beeen wanting a brighter headlight. So you guys are saying that on a 6V system your using a 12v holagen light?

Re: 6v headlight replacement

My Batavus doesn't have sealed beams, but a replaceable 1057 6V 21W bulb, which, of course, is too weak, especially at low speeds, so here's what I did:

I took a standard 1057 bulb, gutted it, then wired in a standard G4 two-pin base, filling the base with epoxy after wiring it. Then I got some G4 halogen bulbs, 6V 10W. The new assembly fits quite easily in place of the standard 1057, and the brightness is much improved.

Easy to change burned out bulbs, too, plus they're easier to find than 6V 1057's. I've been using this for almost a year now, and it seems pretty reliable. Kind of a pain to make, but worth it in the long run.


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