Checking condition of wheels/rims

Still working the kinks out on my Sachs Balboa. History of maintenance is basically unknown, it belonged to a little old man who used it to go grocery shopping and then a guy from yogoslavia bought it an the estate sale and stuck it in the garage for the past year.

I bought it not running. It's running like a champ now, but when I get it up to 30, the wheels feel as thoguh they might fall apart. :-) A whole lot of vibration/noise and maybe even a wobble? (it was windy today, so I could be hallucinating)

What's in these wheels? Do I have to repack them?

A little help for a noob?

Re: Checking condition of wheels/rims

Ben Van Zoest /

One that old needs a close look at the wheel bearings, crusty hardened grease is BAD. About the same as bicycle wheels only a bit beefer. Pump up those tires too.

Re: Checking condition of wheels/rims

Check all of your nuts and bolts to the engine,wheels, and everything else really. Mopeds being single cylinder beasts, have a lot of vibration and shakiness, especially at your peds top speed

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