rattling noise from a tomos

My 2005 tomos lx makes a rattling noise when i let off the throttle. I think its the clutches but im not sure. It has about 3,200 miles on it. Does anyone no what would cause this noise?

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

Piston Slap? I learned this today. Tomos fins on the head are larger than most peds. When the piston's pin gets worn the piston will tap back and forth at each end of the stroke. This is on a minute scale, on the order of thousanths of and inch, but enough to make a tiny noise, or pinging, Like a rattling sound. The fins act like tuning forks conveying the ping/ring to their tips and in the process amplify the noise.

I have no idea if this is true, but I ruled out everything else and it's about the best answer I've gotten so far.

You may want to check to see if you have something loose that may be rattling, but I did too and can't find anything loose and the piston slap thing sounds believable. I heard this from the owner of a prominent cycle shop. I'll take his word. Not much you can do about it except replace the piston and pin, but honestly, I've been running my ped full bore and nothing has exploded, yet.

Like someone told me on here " run it WOT and if it runs fine and if ithe noise is still there, it's probably OK.

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

Your rattle is probably your headlight housing rattling against the cowling. Mine did it at certain rpm; and I seal my housing with silicone. You won't have piston slap at 300 miles .. probably not even at 20,000.

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

yeah, mine makes an awfully staticy rattle or a kind of crackleing sandy grindy kind of sound at about 35 or 40, or WOT.

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

Long Distance Tripper /

Yup - I thought my piston was banging my head. The silicone quiets it down like a baby sleeping; and you can cut the silicone out fairly easily if you have to for repairs. I push the silicone into the space with my finger. Only one thing .. adjust your headlight to the angle you want it before doing the siliconing.

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

I don't have a coweling on mine and the rattle is not near there. I used a stethescope all over my engine and the rattle is definitly coming from inside of there. In fact, it sounds like a tapping or tinging when listening through the scope and is not as ringy as when listened to from rider's position. His may not be piston slap, but from what I can deduce and what the guy said, it sounds plausible for mine.

My ped was also owned by a kid who didn't seem to be the type to baby it too much. This winter will tell when I tear the engine down and give it a complete checkup.

I wish it were the coweling, but that's sittling on my workbench collecting dust, where it belongs.

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

I wish I could figure out why my engine makes all kinds of noises like it's going to blow up

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

♣Slew Foot♣ /

second speed return spring whenit's the? Thing and that clack is it downshifting without that spring or it could be sound of worn shoes with a bad brake strip

Re: rattling noise from a tomos

Check for loose parts nuts bolts loose chain.. tomos engines do make pinging noise normally when idle.

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