97 tomos need help

my tomos sprint it'll run awsome for a couple hours at 30-35 mph but then i'll loose all power when i give it gas and it feels like the throttle is sticking and when i give it gas it ends p dieing i have cleaned the carb and it an real good but now i think i adjusted something to mess it up but i dont' know what

Re: 97 tomos need help

Did you clean your fuel filters and exhaust system?

Re: 97 tomos need help

John Joedicke /

Vapour lock, open the gas tank

Re: 97 tomos need help

i did clean the exuast but not the fuel filter but it turned out that when i cleaned the carb i didn't reassemble it right but i corrected it and now she runs great. and the advice i found on these forums really helped me get to know my moped that much more but on my last trip (about 70 miles round trip) my horn failed and whats more is my headlight aslo went out. so hear is my first tip always have extra bulbs. i could not find an auto parts store but i found a sears so a camp lantern and duck tape make a good head lihgt and one other tip dont skimp out on the batteries they wont evn last an hour . so get the good one if you got a long ride home.

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