Kinetic Piston ring size

I need to replace the rings on my 2000 Kinetic TFR. I broke one accidentally putting the cylinder back in place and can't figure out what size to buy that would fit. Any one know of a source where I could find them? Thanks, bobby.

Re: Kinetic Piston ring size

check out and/or

Re: Kinetic Piston ring size

Jonathan Davis /

did you ever figure this out??? looking for some for my 95 tfr...

Re: Kinetic Piston ring size

38x2mm iirc, I think stock vespa rings should work, but you should measure the bore and ring thickness, then set the gap when installing to make sure.

Re: Kinetic Piston ring size

Definitely check. Some kinetic cylinders are overbore compared to stock vespa.

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