Motori Minarelli

Have looked on eng. right side for serial number but find nothing but the name Motori Minarelli. Can someone tell me where else to look. V1 eng. Thanks

Re: Motori Minarelli

I'm sorry. I was wrong. I just looked at mine and the motor ID info is seen from the right hand side of the bike but it is stamped into a boss on the crankcase just above the pedal crank shaft towards the centerline of the engine. If your bike has any engine cover plates or footrest plates on it you might have to remove them to see it.

Re: Motori Minarelli

Silverfox, found eng. # C 11857. Can anyone Verifie that this is a V1 eng. from that number.

Re: Motori Minarelli

you could get a picture and we could confirm it for you

Re: Motori Minarelli

That number does not look like the number on my V1

My number is: OGM6755OM

On my engine, immediately above the engine serial number there is a cast in line that reads Minarelli V1

Is that line on yours?

Please post a photo of your engine.

Re: Motori Minarelli

what bike is it on. v1 is very common.

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