puch transmission fluid

does a 1978 puch 2 speed use regular ol' automatic transmission fluid?

someone was telling me that it might take something different.


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Matthew Scholtens /

Regular ol' Type F transmission fluid. I can not remember the amount of oil that is needed to fill the transmission though.

Matthew "Type F" Scholtens

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NailheadRocketman /

I concure, fill her up with the good old red stuff, and you'll be good to go. I think Dextron Mercon 3 is the same stuff isnt it? I use that to fill up the transmission on my 56 Olds.


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i just did this recently here is what it is

2 speed automatic fill with fresh transmission fluid type (F) only- ( oil capacity 9.5 oz 280cc) to bottom of oil level plug

this is quoted directly from a puch repair manual found online


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Re: puch transmission fluid

awesome thanks!!!

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

any atf will work fine though.

Re: puch transmission fluid

Marvel mystery works even better,, but, it cost more

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hey everyone, i'm a total noob so please help clarify something for me. i'm working on my first ped, a 1985 puch maxi 1.5 hp 1speed.

i was reading about how to change the transmission fluid in a manual i've got. in it, it said to drain the oil, and fill with fresh type F transmission fluid.

what is confusing me is what everyone keeps using the word oil and transmission fluid interchangeably. i thought that 2 cycle motor oil and transmission fluid where two separate things. the oil is mixed with gasoline when filling the tank and the transmission fluid goes into the transmission. why does everything say to fill the transmission with oil? I'm sure this is a dumb question, but i just want to clarify that i'm not missing any steps so that when i fire up the engine for the first time i don't kill it. So i believe that i just need to drain the transmission and fill to the appropriate level with type F fluid, correct?

Thanks everyone


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to answer your question most people call it tranny fluid but some say transmission oil. it doesnt really matter. the most important part is the tranny part (transmission). whether it says fluid or oil in the end is the least of your worries you wanna know what kind of fluid youre putting in (tranny fluid and what type, 2 stroke oil and whether its synthetic or non) for your puch all you needa know is use atf (automatic transmission fluid) type F which you can get at places like autozone or napa. and use a good oil for your engine. usually full synthetics like motul or mobil 1 etc. although of course there are non synthetics that are high in quality. ive seen modern ATFs such as dextron and synthetic dextron used without issues. as ragstretcher said marvel mystery oil works which might be true.

since you are new to this ill also let you know how to properly fill a puch tranny.

get a wrench and undo the big plug at the bottom near the kickstand and drain the fluids out into a pan.

then undo the plug at the side of the transmission with a big flathead screwdriver. let it all drain out.

put the bottom plug back in (if it has a gasket in the form of a washer dont lose that) and tighten it.

fill through the hole on the side of the tranny untill you cant fill it anymore.

take the bike off the kickstand and let it drain out and leveled. then put that plug back in and youre all set!

good luck sara

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Ben Van Zoest /

Fluid goes in the clutch compartment, it doesn't have a transmission per see, oil goes in the gas (tank)

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They're both an oil. Just different formulations designed to do different things. The oil that goes in your gas is designed to lubricate the internals of the engine. Generally thinner, made to burn without much residue to gum things up.

Oil that goes in your transmission is much thicker to coat the gears and doesn't need to be made to burn well. It will also smell different. Transmission oil = transmission fluid = automatic transmission fluid = ATF.

Puch transmissions specify "type F" ATF, which is a specific high-friction blend of ATF designed to help clutches engage quickly. Normal ATF will still work though.

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Basically what everyone else said... I attached a picture with the fill hole highlighted, if that helps at all. If the person at the auto parts store freaks out when you go to buy type F fluid, reassure them that you won't be putting it in your car and that you don't mean "It's for my scooter" when you say "It's for my moped."


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as long as you dont run the tranny Dry, you should be ok. i throw SAE 30 motor oil in all of my bikes to help it linger in 1st gear more.

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lots people put motor oil in there tranny and not atf, I was one of them. Until recently I had not ever even put the right stuf in there. Last week, I found some tranny fluid and decided to give it a try. I can tell you that my clutch has never engagaged better. I now take off quite a bit faster and have no trouble pulling a hill that before was a challenge. In my observation, automatic transmission fluid is the way to go!!

Re: puch transmission fluid

thanks so much! very helpful posts

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