Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

Q1-Anybody got a trick for getting the clutch cover off a Motobecane 50V? I've got two pullers that are supposed to for Motobecanes, and neither threads onto the clutch side. So, I need a trick other than a puller, or a source for a puller that will work. (Or, if anybody is coming to Death Rides a Moped and wants to bring a puller...)

Q2- Once I get the dand thing off, can anybody verify if there is any differences on the cranks for variator and non-variator Mobys? I want to put a variator clutch on my current engine.

Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

A1- no trick to pull the bell off. You need the proper puller otherwise you risk damaging the "idle" clutch. I use an universal motorcycle puller M24x1 RH thread. I bought it here in Canada from an autoparts supply store.

A2- no idea

Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

there's no good way to get it off without the proper puller. the cranks arent different. the variator clutch will fit fine on the existing crankshaft.

Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

Mike, your my hero! Thatt's the most useful bike of info I've seen around here in a while. Stuff like that should be in the Wiki.

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Zip, i can pull it for you during the rally, but...

to make use of the puller you got(which is technically for a diamoby clutch) on a variator, you have to have a longer bolt for the ceneter part, whcih i've never even tried to find, or stick a 6mm nut between the crank end and the puller bolt so that it'll be just long enough.

The cranks are all the same, for the AV88 all the way though the AV10, save for differences in ignition types.

Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

Bruce Wilkinson /

Another zippy ? Say it's not so.

Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

I'll take you up on that offer if I can't find a puller that works today. I did figure out the issue of the bolt being too short, that's not the problem. The problem is it won't thread onto the clutch cover. Both pullers we've got came from moped junkyard. We've tried to put them on about seven different clutch covers, and they just won't go on. For about the first half twist, it looks like it might go on, but it won't turn past that...

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Jerry Franek /

Someone mentioned elsewhere that you must change the rear hub gearing also if you change to a variator clutch. I'm in the middle of doing the same clutch swap. I pulled my whole pulley and clutch off without the "tool" breaking the circlip, which I can replace. I don't know why someone else has never mentioned that approach.

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Zippy , feel free to add it to the wiki. I haven't figured it out yet. This thread will work on the variator but not sure about the dimoby clutch. Glad to help.

Bruce, maybe next season I like to come out and ride with the RCMP...Montreal is pretty dead regarding Mopeds.

Jerry, you got lucky pulling the clutch this way. it's very easy to mangle up the the grooves or damaging the needle bearings if you use this approach. This is not an alternative method to remove the variator just a desperate one.


Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

Is it threaded on?

Re: Removing Motobecane Clutch Cover

brian pasmore /

hi just got my "new" moped its in decent shape but has no spark?

Started to remove clutch and found the large brass nut was stripped** where can i get a new one?

Got the outer cover of the clutch removed BUT cannot get the inner half off. as per pic.

Hope ive explained my problem OK new to your forum .

Lastly can someone identify the model of engine ?

image1 - Copy.JPG

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