Tomos arrow stalls and dies

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Hello, everybody - This is my first post, so please excuse both my mistakes and my ignorance.

I bought my Tomos Arrow yesterday - I am simply crazy about the looks, and I've been reading mostly good things about it here for a while. By the way, it is called Youngster here (Romania), and my model works on premix, without oil injection

The road yesterday from the dealer home went great - stopped to get some gas & oil, etc - all in all, about 8 miles of good riding. I left the moped outside for the night (I guess it went a bit below 0 Celsius) and today my first moped problem showed up...

The machine would only start with the manual choke on - they told me that it would happen when cold, so that was no biggie. The problem is that if I start it without touching the throttle, the engine stalls in a couple of seconds (stalls meaning dies on me). IF i give it some gas, it revs up, but still stalls when i return it to idle. I even managed to get to the first street light, and again it died on me. it is like the idle throttle is too low, but it was fine yesterday, so what the heck?

Any idea on what I shoul do ? I am not completely illiterate from a technical point of view, but i have very little experience, so any suggestion is more than welcome. I am quite sad about this, as I was hoping to have a lot of fun this week-end....

Thank you all.

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