Kinetic w/starting trouble

j-bern /

Hey, I just bought a Kinetic TFR for a couple bucks and I've known that it doesn't start, but it sounds close. The bike will start fairly easily and run for a moment or two and then die. It will start again right away but only lasts for one rev and then will die out again. I put a new spark plug in and the same thing happened. I'm noticing that the headlight isn't even trying to go on and I heard that can sometimes be a problem with other bikes. The choke is on the engine and after a couple pumps it goes again, but of course, dies. We put some starter fluid into it and it ran for maybe 50 yards before dying. I want to try and get to the bottom of it this weekend but this is my first moped repair so I'm going to need a couple pointers about where I'm going. The bike is in good condition with about 600 miles on it. The guy who sold it put some gas in there but not a full gallon. Any suggestions?

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