Motobecane 7, can't find leak in carb

Ok, this sounds totally ridiculous and I've been working on french mopeds almost exclusively for as long as i've been involved with the gang... but I got this 7.

Cleaned the points, put on a new hi coil, got some good blue consistent spark.

Then I cleaned out the carb and started it up. It runs very nicely for about a minute and then it shuts off and gas starts pouring out of some magical part of the carb that I can't find. I seriously can't find it!!! I've temporarily plugged all of the overflow holes and I put a new float in it (the float is identical to the old float, only this one "floats"). If I blow through the gas intake and then plug up the float pin stop with the float pin, i can't blow through it. This leads me to believe that the float would work with gas in the carb.

I've cleaned every possible surface inside and out and i've tightened down everything that I can find a leak from. I even got a new float bowl gasket just incase.

Are these gurtners for the 7 just pieces of shit? It would be very hard to fit a dellorto on it, considering the limited space under the frame.


Re: Motobecane 7, can't find leak in carb

just like mine. i believe the float bowl empty's itself faster than gas can go into it and the float goes crooked. then the gas pours in uncontrollably.

Re: Motobecane 7, can't find leak in carb

It isn't intrinsically bad, you just can't find its weak spot. Keep trying.

Re: Motobecane 7, can't find leak in carb

I spoke with BJ today and he's certain that the float still isn't stopping properly. I'm going to try and find a new top for the float bowl. I can't seem to get that clean enough to seal perfectly.

Re: Motobecane 7, can't find leak in carb

I've had 2 of these carbs, its as if gas just seaps through the metal.

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