i have a few problems at hand

ladys and gents... how are you? I am doing well... although my moped has some problems i need to figure out.


the gas tank is rusted but not so bad that its bubbleing or flaking its only surface... well the inside surface... is there any way i can get this out or repair the tank? i do weld but it would kill me to dammage a undented body.


ok... i may sound like a total retard... but i dont know how to even start it. first for everything right?

anyways im sure once i fix the gas tank and try to start it ill find more problems. im sure i can repair those myself. i am cleaning out the engine before i start it the first time. I think thats a good idea atleast. evedently you can see im starting on my winter project early this year. thanks for reading and ill soon have pics of myself with my not so running moped.



Re: i have a few problems at hand

Leon Swarmer /

Howdy Vince, There are bunches of ways to clean a tank. It helps if your ped has a removable tank, but if you do a search on this forum under tank and rust you'll find a lot.

To start a 'ped, you need to turn the ignition on, fuel on and spin the engine somehow. Without knowing your make model and approx year it's hard to say much more.


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