batavus piston and rings

i need piston and rind=gs for my starflite

m-48 i think........

i got the piston unstuck....yAY!!!!



Re: batavus piston and rings

Good job!

That's what I'll try then.

I've only used regular oil and a piece of wood and a mallet. It worked on my old puch, but these minarelli's are more stubborn.

Check your cylinder walls for any scarring. You may need to replace it too, if it's bad. Do you have access to a small honer?

If the cylinder's good, you'll still want to hone it first.

I use a honer that was made for brake cylinders. It works great.

Also; what about the piston? It might be good enough to still use if it's not cracked anywhere, like around where the rings fit in it.


Re: batavus piston and rings

Glad to hear you got it unstuck, that sure is a nice bike. I'd try to re-use the piston, Batavus engine parts are really hard to find. I think they have them on, but you have to buy a bunch of extra parts along with the piston and it's expensive.

I've heard that Hero-Majestic rings fit that engine, but I've never had to try it myself. Might call Handy Bikes in Columbus and ask about it.

Re: batavus piston and rings

thanks gabe.

i cant wait to get her up and running

she is very pretty

thank you for the help.


Re: batavus piston and rings

Glad to hear it worked. I'm looking forward to hearing that it's running.

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