Minarelli no speak

My Minarelli has no speak. So far I cleaned the points, regaped them, installes a new condenser . The Last owner told me it was left outside. Could the hi intence coils be bad?

Did I gap the points wrong(.018 like the book seid, but hard to see). If it is any help its a cev magneto and is the kill switch has one wire and can't see how it should work.

Re: Minarelli no speak

Go blue wire from magneto directly to coil. Make sure coil has a clean ground .This is the very basic ignition circuit. This should spark (plug pulled ,connected laying on cylinder). If it does great if not start checking for continuity(bad grounds etc) You may want to open the gap a bit more. A DVM on AC should pick up some voltage from the blue wire .

Re: Minarelli no speak

mine doesn't speak either, it puuuuuurrrrrrssss like a cat


Re: Minarelli no speak

I've heard of "Newspeak".

No speak, must be a newer form of that.

_Brain wave communications_!


Re: Minarelli no speak

Cleats Onionpockets /

My puch doesn't talk much either...it just splutters a bit.

Re: Minarelli no speak

hey I work thrid shift and I'm beat in the morning. A few typos will get through

Re: Minarelli no speak

Ya know we're just jokin' with ya.

Did ya find any spark yet?

If you're needin' any specific motor parts, I have a parts motor.

Let me know if ya want anything off of it.


Re: Minarelli no speak


blue wire to coil. dont forget to ground the coil.

red wire to GROUND

black wire to GROUND

now you are ready!!

Re: Minarelli no speak

Unless of course, she's gotta bad coil or bad condensor, or her points aren't adjusted just right. Bad spark plug?

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maybe you might tell me how this kill switch works. It just one red wire to a two pole switch. If it ground I don't see how. It a new condensor. The points are a bitch to set and I should get a new spark plug.My poor bike was abused , so please bear with me.

Re: Minarelli no speak

Kill switches are a little different on cifferent models.

I'd disconnect it for now until ya got spark. I don't even have one on my daily runner, I just shut'er off with the choke.

Maybe show me a picture of the killswitch. If ya can....

I might have another one if ya need it.

I like helping out Pennsylvanians, as I got a bunch of relatives over there. My Mom just brought back a bunch of Lebanon Bologne. MMMmmmm!


Re: Minarelli no spark

Ok I have my point and magneto set right useing a mult meter. The piont break then they are supose to and I'm getting voltage. So, the problems is ether the coil or a short (I put the over or under on a short). The kill switch I figered out. It has one wire, but the second pole grounds to the handle bar through the houseing and hold down

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