changing frames, urban express

I have a very nice Iowa urban express, just wondreing if every thing on that will fit a regular urban express frame. the Iowa express frame was backed into, and bent in the middle. every thing else on it is perfect, and it runs great. I have a 1980 regular urban express frame, to put every thing on, but would like to know if everything will enterchange.

Re: changing frames, urban express

Leon Swarmer /

Hey Tom B. I've never had an urban to put right beside my expresses, but I bet the answer is NO. The urbah has an entirely different drive system witha variator and belt. I was thinking too that the Urban's had longer wheel bases.

For your sake I hope someone can tell me I'm wrong and then back up that statement.

Re: changing frames, urban express

They are both Urbans, one is an Iowa Urban 2 speed, and the other is an 80 Urban, I wish I could just figure out a way to straighten the frame on the 82, it is a sweet looking bike.

Re: changing frames, urban express

Jonas Quimby /

The Urban Express wasn't made in 1980.

The only difference between the Urban Express and the Urban Express Iowa was one sticker and a slightly restricted engine. The normal Urban will be faster and more powerful. All parts should interchange.

Now if you actually do mean an urban express and a regular express, it can still be done. You just also need to swap out all the electrical bits with 12v versions and do some other creative stuff.

Re: changing frames, urban express

You didn't hear this from me But ........ I've used many a time a firehydrant in front of my house , my AeroStar minivan and a come-along. I straighten/ bend stuff all the time. Bumpers mostly and an occasional motorcycle frame . I'll bet with a couple of chains ............ Also if you have an engine hoist and a load balancer that can be rigged too for bending/curving pipe

Re: changing frames, urban express

gotter done, almost any way, who gives a shit if it is two tone, it's a ride, and it runs. thanks for you advice, Tom


Re: changing frames, urban express

other picture sucked, must of had the shakes.

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