Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

I have some issues with my turn signals. They worked when I bought the thing, and as luck would have it, they now don't work. When I'm at full throttle, the right will light up, and the left will light up (but much dimmer), but neither side will blink.

When at idle, they don't respond. I'm wondering if my battery is dead.

As far as them not blinking, I've read Rusty's post about adjusting the flasher unit. However I'm not sure where it is. I opened up the speedo and ignition box and I couldn't get the white plastic case open underneath. However, it didn't look like there was room for it in there. Can someone point out where it is located?

Any ideas on the problem; like a combination of a dead battery and a flasher unit that needs adjusting. Or could a dead battery alone cause the problem?

Thanks guys

Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

My FA50 doesn't have a battery, and my signals have trouble flashing. Try disconnecting the battery, and see if there's any change. If not, or the change is minimal, it's most likely your battery.

Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

you need the battery for the signal lights to work, flasher should be under the seat. charge battery if it is any good, if that don't work, un hook flasher wires and touch together with engine running, if you signal lights come on, but don't flash, then it is your flasher relay.

Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

The flasher relay is found in the headlight housing.

The cover can easily be removed on the ralay.

Most likely just the flasher unit needs to be adjusted.

If this fails.

Make sure all your lamp sockets and lamps are clean and the correct voltage and wattage, all your grounds are tight.

A fully charged battery is a good thing too.

Good luck with it.


Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

Any solution to this? I have the exact same issue on my Suzuki FZ50. Lights are very dim. I adjusted the flasher and put on a brand new battery. Flashers worked well for a couple seconds. Switched it off. Now, back to the same thing. Cleaned connections and attempted to adjust relay to click at a good rate. New battery, like I said. Haven’t take light bulbs out at all though. Any input would be great.

Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

Paul Brassard /

Just got my flashers working this morning, so I can’t speak of your problem but here are my conclusions.

You need the right bulb!

Could not get it clicking unless using a 6v-8w bulb (actually I’ve put it a 6v-10w in one of them while waiting for the ones I ordered) Won’t flash with 6v-6w, I tried with various configuration and they just light very poorly and don’t flash....

I don’t know how you managed to adjust the relay, in mine it’s a sealed unit in the headlight compartment... nothing to do with that and I doubt it can be damaged.

These bulbs are very specific and hard to find, they sell them on a couple of sites but I’m getting really tired of paying shipment fees for 5$ orders so I prdered them at my Suzuki dealer. The part number is : 09471 06021.

Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

I figured it out. The guy who sold me the moped had the wrong headlight on there. As soon as I unplugged it “viola!”, turn signals worked just fine. Hopefully this helps. Cheers!

Re: Suzuki FA50 turn signal problems

Thanks very much for that response! Luckily, when I ordered some other parts off eBay, the seller offered me some of those bulbs and I jumped on the opportunity!

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