I was searching through the forums and I saw a guy had a Motobecane for sale in PA. One guy had left a reply saying that if could not get the whole bike, he would like to at least get a clutch cable for his own Motobecane. I thought that was kind of odd and unnecessary because I had partially restored my 1980 Motron before selling it and I had replaced the clutch cable with guess what? Bike brake cable, ordinary wire brake cable, and it didn't cot me a thing. I did not use manufacture specific parts for that fix and the only thing odd about the clutch cable after being properly tensioned was the fact that the little metal nub stuck out at the end at the bottom of the clutch lever. Sometimes the simple fixes are the best oness. I also found out that if brake shoes are difficult to locate, the small brake shoes used for replacements on kids ATVs can be installed on some mopeds. I saved a decent amount of money just repacking the old cable case, which was in good shape with brake cable and just making sure I got the right tension before cutting the excess.


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