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In the past I posted about some issue that I was having with softseizures with an upgrade kit. I really believed that since it was kit the ring's gap were a perfect match. Some peer believe that the problem was rings' gap that I did not check. If it is not the ring's gap it is something else (well, I don't have the kit anylonger...)

So I ordered stock parts. Hopefully it will work out that time around. My scooter is 49cc, 2-stroke; the ring's gap should be of

0.3mm, is that right? Could it be a little bit over 0.3mm, such as

0.35mm. I was told that there is a special tool used to gap the rings that costs about $50, and I don't want to buy a tool of $50 for a one time job. You told me that I could use a File, and I have 6-inch Taper File (ultra slim) designed for sharpening hand saws with 11 or 12 points per inch. It is smallest file that I found at Sears. Could I use it without problem?

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Re: Rings' Gap

There is some piston ring fitting info on this page that might help you:


Re: Rings' Gap

Jason Luther /

while the ring gap is important, i dont think it is your problem. more than likely it is a piston clearance issue. however, the $50 tool is a waste of money. i gaped a ring for an oversized bore to fit a standard bore with sandpaper once. your file should be more adequate.

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