Honda PA50 Carb problems

I have a 1979 red honda pa50, 916 original miles.My problem is that it will not stay running unless the choke is on.Once i turn the choke off it runs for about 10 seconds,then seems to starve for gas.I have taken off the carb and cleaned it at least 4 needle installed.

Had a buddy that knows 2 stroks well look at it and he gave up. His buddy is a 25 year honda mechanic and says these never ran right even when new.That doesn’t seem like honda to me as i have always had great luck with hondas.

i have checked the air cleaner,replaced the fuel line,added a fuel filter and new gas.checked compression at 125lbs.

very clean bike just wont run.With the choke on it will stay running for long periods of time.any help is appreciated.

ALso pulled the plug on the muffler and no difference. What is the difference between a PA50 and a PA50 II

Re: Honda PA50 Carb problems

Justin Campbell /

Check for vacuum leaks! It was a problem for me... It was leaking a bit of air around the reed valve and intake manifold... I used non-hardening Hi-temp permatex to seal it up and it runs awesome now.

Good luck...Hobbits rule.


Re: Honda PA50 Carb problems

Jason Luther /

good advice. spray carb cleaner around any connecting areas and if the idle changes...air leak. or did you clean the emmulsion tube in the carb? its the brass tube the jet screws into. to remove it i use a small allen wrench and press it out from the inside.

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