Honda pa50

I have a 1979 red honda pa50, 916 original miles.My problem is that it will not stay running unless the choke is on.Once i turn the choke off it runs for about 10 seconds,then seems to starve for gas.I have taken off the carb and cleaned it at least 4 needle installed.

Had a buddy that knows 2 stroks well look at it and he gave up. His buddy is a 25 year honda mechanic and says these never ran right even when new.That doesn't seem like honda to me as i have always had great luck with hondas.

i have checked the air cleaner,replaced the fuel line,added a fuel filter and new gas.checked compression at 125lbs.

very clean bike just wont run.With the choke on it will stay running for long periods of time.any help is appreciated.

Re: Honda pa50


Re: Honda pa50

If it'll run with your throttle on, you just need to adjust your idle speed. screw.

If that doesn't help, you'll need adjust the idle mixture screw.

I played around with mine for a few hours to get it to work, and

my '78 Pa50 II has a very narrow band - about a half turn -

in which the idle mixture screw is correct.

(For me it was 'turn all the way in, and back off one and a quarter


In that range, _and that range only_, I can start my Hobbit with

only about half a turn of the pedals, and it'll idle all day.

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