Making E50 quieter


Is there an accepted way or set of steps to make a moped as quiet as possible. I know this is anathema to most of the board, but I would like to know (stealth night runs :) )

Re: Making E50 quieter

depends, do you mean the bottom end? are you hearing a grinding or rattleing noise?

if so you have a bad bearing. only way to fix that is to crack the case. e50 bearings are cheap too.

if you dont have a stock airbox there will be a lot of noise that comes from your carb.

if you have a exhaust leak thats where most of your noise is coming from.

in summation, no you cant make it quieter.

Re: Making E50 quieter

Cleats Onionpockets /

Unless you just mean normal exhaust noise... in that case the stock exhaust is about as quiet as it gets for that ped. You can put the restrictor tube on the air box without the restricting black plugs, that would direct most of the noise that would normally come out the carb into the frame of the bike, making it a bit quieter. The only truly quiet moped I've ever seen though is the honda pa50, nearly silent that one is...

Re: Making E50 quieter

that's why they've got pedals, it's almost completely silent with the motor off. only the sound of your huffing and puffing

Re: Making E50 quieter

Cleats Onionpockets /

and the rattling and clunking that they make when being pedaled. Mine sounds like someone shaking a can of metal gerbils when I pedal it or coast it

Re: Making E50 quieter

Ben Van Zoest /

That's cause you been pulling on the starter handle!!!

They do run quite peddaling w/h the drive chain.

To Jeff build a stealth ped and the world is yours.

Re: Making E50 quieter

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

vespa ciaos are the closest thing ive seen

Re: Making E50 quieter

You might find that new, lubricated and properly tensioned chain will. You also might want to consider a bearing rebuild.

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