ghetto rigged rear axle

so my original rear axle had some missing bearings and due to that the cones were chipped. my wheel would wobble and the brake pads would scrape the intereior hub.

so what i did was buy a solid bicycle axle made of cro-moly and used its set up wit cones and nuts and added bicycle hub bearings to make up for the missing bearings. the original puch axle is a tiny bit thicker than the bicycle axle. and my outter lock nuts are nearly the width of 2 quarters/ covered in thread locker. been riding it for a day now wit no problems jus paranoia

my question is : is this axle going to snap on me? i know its totally a temporary thing until i get a new axle or some new 5 stars mags

Re: ghetto rigged rear axle

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well, it depends on what quality the bike was you took the axle from. some used better quality metal than others. Also, remember that the fastest most people ever go on a normal bicicle is between 15-20 mph unless it's one of those crazy light/thin tired street bikes. You will probably be holding consistant speeds of over 20 mph on that axle, so just be careful till the new mags arrive.

Re: ghetto rigged rear axle

BMX axles are extremely tough especially IF you buy a quality name brand one . The good ones are tempered (cutting with a hacksaw is useless! ) If it's the standard hardware store stuff it will probably just bend(better than snapping though) Other option is a motorcycle axle from a small bore bike they work great. Also , while you're at it convert to sealed bearings . If you do this , swap over to an american bearing size which would allow the slightly larger SAE bolt sized axle over the metric. Get this , some starter motors or blower/fan motors, mostly japanese , have the correct sealed bearings in the motor that fit your snowflake and stock axle (they're metric). Look for a McMaster catalog that list the bearing dimensions , Graingers catalogs also have some useful bearing dimensions too. I had a set of wheels using taperd rollers - worked great , had to machine the housing slightly though

Re: ghetto rigged rear axle

thanks guys for the feed back. ive been riding on it for a about 100 miles and visually inspected it last night and it seemed fine. tryin to get myself for some superstitious friday the 13 b/s ha! but who knows. the axle itself is made of cro-moly which is light and strong. its for performance bicycles . but we'll see how it handles on my polini!

Re: ghetto rigged rear axle

i might have an axle. i look this weekend, dog.

Re: ghetto rigged rear axle

YAY! > i need cones really bad too. and some bearings!. and an alarm clock that can cook me breakfast. im using vaseline for grease! i said it was ghetto rigged!

Re: ghetto rigged rear axle

lol tyler thats awsome. good on ya.

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