More Batavus ?'s

I posted this in the performance section under a reply but no answers so here it is.

Basically my HS50 is the 25mph verson but I can only get 20 out of it.

Carb looks nearly brand new, decarbonized the piston head & muff.

Three problems; 1 crank axel is bent so the drive pully wobbles, 2 paper gasket on read valve is deteriorated, 3 base gasket is missing.

Would this cause a 5mph loss or more? Im ordering parts from Mopedjunkyard as soon as I get paid on Fri. So well see…

Also Im having a problem with carbon buildup on the piston head, sparkplug, and Muff. Im running it 50/1 and putting a tad bit of marvel mystery oil as well. The build up in the muff is also oily. The build up happens pretty quickly. What could cause this?

Thanks for every ones help. :)


Re: More Batavus ?'s

I'd definitely replace those gaskets. Crank axle shouldn't be a big deal as it only turns when you're pedaling.

Does it four-stroke at top speed? If so, you probably need a smaller carb jet. Batavuses shipped with larger jets to provide extra lubrication during break-in, and many bikes still have them. That would explain the loss of speed and the carbon build-up.

Try a jet two numbers smaller--they're the same jets as on Puch mopeds, probably about the only part on the whole bike that's easy to find.

Re: More Batavus ?'s

Well the bend in the crank axel is on the side where the drivwe pully is so it causes the drive pully to wobble quite a bit. Due to this the belt doest line up right.

Ill order a smaller jet, gaskets and a crank axel. Ill let ya know if this fixes the problem.

Thanks Gabe

Re: More Batavus ?'s

if you need a puley, I have one, and I dont have a batavus so, If you do let me know

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