Puch bogs after running a bit

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So I have a 2 speed that will, after about 10-15 minutes bog out if I give it any more than like 1/5th or 1/4th throttle. I dont know why it does this since the carb is good, and running fine (chocolately plug). Would it have something to do with the tranny perhaps? It seems to be like a vaccum leak in the carb/intake area but it always starts up fine, and runs for a bit if its been sitting for a long time.

oh also as soon as it starts doing this the idle will change from normal to very high. Pushing down on the choke seems to get rid of the problem, is there some reason that it would develop a leak when its warmed up?

Re: Puch bogs after running a bit

I always bring this up, 'cause it worked for me with similar symptoms on my puch: double check the spark plug gap, should be a narrow .018" give or take....

Re: Puch bogs after running a bit

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Have you ever taken the engine apart? If so, did you tighten everything back up enough? If your carb is not screwed tightly, if the bolts holding the intake manifold to the engine are loose, if the cylinder head bolts are _slightly_ loose an air leak can form when things heat up and change shape slightly. Tighten all the bolts, and also clean the bowl and jet on your carburator. If the jet has even a slight blockage when running, it can create the symptoms you describe. Then, when the engine shuts off, the little bit of junk drifts back to the bottom of the bowl until you run the engine again.

Re: Puch bogs after running a bit

An inline filter can work wonders. I had bogging problems at WOT. I would have to run at half to 3/4 throttle. Clean the carb, banjo screen, and gave the jet extra attention.

Attached the inline filter (it's actually for a John Deere tractor but it works great).

Haven't had problems since.

Re: Puch bogs after running a bit

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cleaned the carb (not dirty but a small chunk of floating debris)

and tightened the intake bolts, now it runs fine. Thanks guys!

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