'82 HOnda Urban Express- needs parts and advice

Just picked up a 1982 NU50 for $260. Runs strong, but it needs new tires, probably a carb rebuild, and an airbox. I started it by manually choking with my thumb; I'm hoping that a thorough cleaning will free up the choke. Is this like the Puch choke, where you turn it on manually, and turning the throttle turns it off?

The missing airbox is a concern; does anyone know if the Puch Bing High Flo sold by 1977Mopeds is a good fit?

Any other hints, either for an air cleaner, or carb/choke repair?

I also have a sticking front brake- I'm hoping cleaning and relubing the cable will fix this. The brake doesn't seem to work, so there may be more to it than that.

Re: '82 HOnda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

Jonas Quimby /

The choke is that odd box on the side of the head. When it's cold, it allows the intake vacuum to pull raw gas out of the carb bowl. As it warms up, it starts giving a mix of gas and air. When it gets hot, it stops giving anything.

You will probably need to clean out the choke. Do not take apart the choke box!!

I cleaned mine by spraying WD-40 into the choke box, then alternatly heating and cooling it in the kitchen sink. Flushing it with water got all sorts of rust and grime out of it, and eventually the plunger inside started moving again. You should be able to noticably change the flow from one passage to another by varying the temp.

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

Thanks. I figured out part of that today by studying the manual. I removed the lid, and doused the whole thing with spray carb cleaner, and then used a little Permatex to seal the lid as the old gasket was shot. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to replace the hoses going to and from the crab, even thouygh they look okay.

Still won't start without thumb choking the carb- I suspect the missing airbox may be a factor here. Not enough resistance. I'm looking at a couple of airboxes on eBay right now but I may go with something homemade.

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

If you're looking for reputable Honda parts dealers on the Web, check out

the MopedWiki parts section

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

Thanks, found a supplier there who had all the parts for the missing bystarter chamber- another problem I eventually identified. Hopefully I can get the hoses correct; the manual pic is a little confusing.

The engine runs very strong, so once I get the starting and idle issues solved it should be a reliable ride.

I have an aftermarket air cleaner coming- couldn't find an original. This is getting to be a very educational project ;-)

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

Jonas Quimby /

I drew this in MS Paint. It's based on my '82 Express, but the routing is the same for the 81+ Express and the Urban Express. The Express SR has an additional line from the intake manifold to the petcock, but otherwise it's the same as well.

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

That is exactly what I needed! It makes the routing perfectly clear in a way that the manual did not. Thanks very much indeed.

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

Man that is an awesome drawing, thanks. It helped me on an unrelated matter. Thanks. Again, awesome!

- gmac

Re: '82 Honda Urban Express- needs parts and advic

Leon Swarmer /

Jax184 is great and MJE your education is just beginning...

However, that Honda will prolly keep your lessons far apart.

If you really want to learn grab a French bike..


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