puch clutch disintegration

Help!! The clutch on my Murray (Puch M50 Motor) just disintegrated. I opened the cover and there is friction material everywhere. It appears to be the starter clutch that is the problem. I started taking it apart, but I can't get the centrifugal clutch off. It appears to be keyed, do I need a puller or something? Where can I get parts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: puch clutch disintegration

See Ya Moped Army /

Yes, you need a puller to remove the clutch. The puller has a center bolt and a hole on each side for the screws that screw into the threaded holes in the clutch.

Re: puch clutch disintegration

Mike Singer /

I got it off with a steering wheel puller. Any ideas on a new/used part to replace this one?

Re: puch clutch disintegration

Hey, is the puller specific like the magneto puller or can I use something from my local supply house?

Re: puch clutch disintegration

Bill...do a search on this site. I have seen at least two versions of cheaply home-made puller fro the clutch. Metal plate, drill, bits, a 3/8" bolt, two nuts and a couple 6 mm, 3" long screws.

Re: puch clutch disintegration

Cool, I think I remember that now. Thanks!

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