Sachs bogs down at 27mph

I'm asking this for my friend who just bought a 1980 Sachs Seville. It accelerates really well, but it seems to bog down around 27 mph. Seems like it could and should go faster since the speedometer goes up to 40 and the previous owner said he was able to "peg the needle". It hadn't been run in a year, so maybe it needs some carb cleaning? It's oil-injected, but I'm not so sure we can trust that the injector is working. It's leaking oil everyonce and a while from somewhere on the ped. Also, the exhaust fumes are always white, which I thought probably wasnt a good thing.

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

perhaps a better question would be... How fast should a 1980 Sachs seville go?

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

28 is not that bad. We have an oddesy that pulls 20 on flat

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

o rly? It just kind of feels like something is holding it back.

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

Inflate your tires to proper pressure, maybe that will help.

Check timing and points

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

See Ya Moped Army /

Replace or thoroughly clean the air filter. Soak that carb and internal metal parts in carb cleaner and blow out with water and compressed air.

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph


I was going to get that Seville. It is the one that was on ebay was it not.

But anyway.

A good seville should do about 30 on flat ground.

I have had this problem many times before.

There is a couple of things you can do.

1-take the end piece off the muffler and take out the baffle. then put the end thing back on.

2-the biggest problem your having is the air-fuel-oil ratio. Try drilling 2, 1/4"inch holes in the back of the air box. If that doesn't work try adjusting the throttle cable. If you are still having trouble, you can try , WITH EXTREME CAUTION, play with the oil amount. The seville has the injector so sometimes they get messed up.

Last year I burned up a piston because the oil pump went out on me so be careful.

Oh....and I will offer your buddy 300 bucks for that bike, and I'll pick it up. Just a thought.

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

Ha, thanks for the advice brad. Yes it is the one that was on ebay. Were you the one who won and then turned it down? Well anyway, we'll try that stuff, and no I don't think he wants to sell it yet. ; )

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

No I was the guy sho was offer it after the winner turned it down. The guy promised me that since the original buyer blackout It was mine. I had already made arrangements to go get it, my aunt was going to pick it up, so she called him and he said he no longer has it. So I was pretty pissed.

Hey could you do me a favor and ask your buddy if he would go 300. I rebuild sachs mopeds so if he is looking for one, next time i come accost a good one I could get it running for him and then sell it to him for 300 so it would kind of be a trade.

Please just ask him, the worse he can say is no.

Thanks Ben


Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

What's a Moped? It was designed to do 30mph MAX with a 150lb person on flat level ground. So 27mph without any modifications would be correct. What's the speedo in your car show? Do you pin-it and drive it to the max? It just looks better if there is room above MAX for down-hills. You can get more then 30mph with some tuning. That's what you will learn here. For me.. 27mph is just fine.. I get scared going down-hills at 32mph and start putting on the breaks.

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yeah, alright, I'll ask him. And, beginner, my speedometer in my car doesnt work, I don't know anything about Sachs and there are certainly mopeds that go 40. :)

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My sachs goes 47 down hill and 35 on flat ground.

Please let me know what the said Ben.


lol, your scared of going down hill at on where is your need-for-speed....

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

hmm, well apparently the sachs also won't hold an idle. He's messed with the air screw on the carb but it doesn't do anything.

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

Yes Mopeds will go faster then 30mph sometimes MUCH FASTER. But you have to work on them to do that. An unaltered Moped is designed to do 30ish mph max. Some only 20 and others 25 max...But with upgrades the speed is up to how much work and money you want to put in to it.

Re: Sachs bogs down at 27mph

Check the timing and the ignition points. I was having the same problem with not holding an idle. After the ignition points were clean it runs great.

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