Peugeot cutting out

My 104 is cutting off as if it has a fuel flow issue. Just short 1-4 second bursts of healthy running with complete loss of power inbetween.

I've cleaned the shit out of my fuel system, and I think the problem is electrical. I know that when a condenser is dying, it generally will only work at high RPM's. This is sputtering regardless of any variance in RPM.

It is possible that my point gap has worn down since I replaced them this winter. I've put a few thousand miles on the bike this summer.

If the point gap is worn down significantly, could that cause the spark to "arc" between the points? It does this sometimes.

I'll be working it out tomorrow, but i'm just hoping for more ideas from other people before I get to it.

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Re: Peugeot cutting out

actually had this same prob with one of my mobys today after switching out the plug to test another bike. turned out to be the plug boot had gotten loose over time and since it had not been removed for so long had seated itself to only work in one position. thus I would get inconsistant spark after i took it off. probably not your prob but you know check all that stuff you'd never assume.

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Re: Peugeot cutting out

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I think my brand new (used and tested) ignition coil just died on me

all of a sudden no spark, just as i finally fix the gasket and replace the carb what the fuck

Also I am not getting arcing between the points so I think the condensor is good

Re: Peugeot cutting out

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also, if my condensor is bad can I just go pick up a 6v condensor at kragen or something?

Re: Peugeot cutting out

yep. I dont know if it has to be 6v you can just get and old vw or old porche condensor.

Re: Peugeot cutting out

Spark between the points IS the sign of a bad condenser... that's what the condenser is there for is to suppress arcing across the points and send it to the spark plug instead.

Re: Peugeot cutting out

That sounds like my spark plug problem. Have you changed yours recently? Also, remember to shove a croissant in the gas tank.

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Re: Peugeot cutting out

I was almost thread-jacked there.

So I should check my spark plug boot and then if that's not the prob, I should replace the consenser.


Re: Peugeot cutting out

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yeah sorry bout that. sounds like do the boot and then the condensor will get you on the road agian

Re: Peugeot cutting out

I spray WD-40 into the points area, but wipe the actual point contacts back off.

Got me going again, but it took about 3 or 4 _treatments_.


Re: Peugeot cutting out

i've tried QD electronics cleaner.. it didn't work yet.

Re: Peugeot cutting out

I don't think electronics cleaner would have the same effect. It would evaporate too quickly and leave no residue whereas the spray on oil/lubricant ie. WD-40 leaves a residue. I think that a description of "why it works" would be that the oil left behind on the surface of the condenser would act as a heat sink thereby overcoming the problem of a hot condenser. My curiosity is even piqued a little bit by the idea of a slightly heavier oil working even better than WD-40... That'll have to be for someone else to try out though.

Maybe you!

Re: Peugeot cutting out


I cracked my piston when trying to get the bolt off my magneto!

I'm using rope instead of a piston stop from now on... or better yet, a strap wrench!

I hate life!

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