Will clean carbs.

If you don't know how to, or don't want to, clean a carburator for any moped, send it to me. If you pay shipping, plus $5, and i will clean any carb for you. I will clean it a well and as fast as i can, to ensure you have it when you need it. If it is not to your satasfaction, give me the reasons that you don't like my job, and if it doesn't sound like you are trying to rip me off, i will give you a full refund. I will pay for replacement parts broken on my part, but will cause a delay in time, or i will send you the money to replace the parts, and the carb, with a full refund, and a letter of apologi. Once again, you pay shipping both ways, plus $5 for time. I guarentee satasfaction, and each carb will be inspected by a my father, a mecanic, to ensure that it is cleaned properly.

Thank you


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Re: Will clean carbs.

See Ya Moped Army /

You really should know how to spell your father's occupation....mechanic.

Re: Will clean carbs.

Sorry. Forgot to use spellcheck.


Re: Will clean carbs.

Dude no offense but I dont think anyone is gonna trust you with their carb.

Re: Will clean carbs.

its alright. i don't really think so either.i bet everyone thinks i'm just some kid who doesn't know crap about mopeds. i don't really care. you can think what you want. it is a free country.

Re: Will clean carbs.

i mean if you own a moped you need to know how to clean a carb, you cant just ship it away to have someone else clean it for you every time there is something wrong with it, thats costly and inefficient.

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