How is a PA-50 supposed to idle?

Matt Manderachi /

I've fixed one up and it runs real well. Not terribly fast at only 30mph on a flat, but my 200lbs is asking a lot from this moped. Anyway, once it's warmed up, it'll idle forever, but how should it idle when cold? I start it with the choke on and it won't idle with it on or off when the motor isn't warmed up. Should it be able to idle with the choke on? If I kick the choke off as soon as it starts up, should I expect it to idle on the stand then? It would be nice to start the bike, let it idle and warm up on the stand, and then enjoy a ride. Any advice or help would be great! Thanks!

Re: How is a PA-50 supposed to idle?

Jason Luther /

it should idle right off the bat. i assume you have cleaned the carb and set the timing (point gap) and everything right? there is an idle speed adustment screw on the carb which holds the throttle plate open a bit plus an idle air adjustment screw. did you try fiddling with them?

Re: How is a PA-50 supposed to idle?

I have the same bike 1979 and mine does the same thing it wants to die for like the first few mins after starting up. I usally just get er going and ride rite off and hope i dont get caught at the first red light and if i do i jus give it gas when i hear it start to wanna die and after like 5mins of riding, its fine, idles for ever at lights and stuff.

Re: How is a PA-50 supposed to idle?

Back out your idle mix screw by about 1/4 of a turn.

I had the same issue.

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