gilera ice clutch

when i take of my moped jurks it is the clutch but i dont have a clue about the engine parts will i need a whole new clutch or will i need clutch shoes help!! please

Re: gilera ice clutch

come on people this is the third time i have posted and no replies

Re: gilera ice clutch

Cleats Onionpockets /

Clarify please. What EXACT year, make, and model of moped is it. Describe the problem in detail. More detail then just "when I take off it jerks". That could be any number of things.

Re: gilera ice clutch

check to see if your chain is tight enough

Re: gilera ice clutch

Luke Evans /

gilera ice is a scooter,

your posting on the wrong website mate, you probs want to be looking at TwistandGo try posting on this forum, its actully for scooters so you should get a reply,

as for us we mostly deal with bikes that have pedals,

in the uk that usually means pre 78' bikes



Re: gilera ice clutch

GILERA ICE ICE BABY<To cold to cold

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