I need help fixing my garelli!

I had to replace the spark plug and the coil to get my moped running, and she was going great for several days, then the throttle would stop making it go and it would coast to a stop and shutdown completely. I also had great troubles trying to get it to idle, and never really fixed that either. The carburator is clean and seems working right, the gas is the right mixture according to the instructions on the bike, it's getting gas besides a slight leak, and the muffler doesn't seem to be clogged. I've tried different spark plugs thinking it's getting too hot, but I'm not even sure what type is crossreferrenced to my garelli. I don't understand why it won't go more than a block or two now without boggin out, when she was doing fine a short while ago.

Can anyone help me?

Re: I need help fixing my garelli!

have you done any plug chops? what color?

Re: I need help fixing my garelli!

What are plug chops? the plug is brown/blackish, looks normal from the gas/oil, and the spark is white

Re: I need help fixing my garelli!

word to your mother, sounds like a fouled plug. blackish es muy mal. what ratio is your manual telling you to run? I know my minarelli says to run 30:1 which is retarded. 50:1 is usually pretty standard.

Re: I need help fixing my garelli!

Start by fixing the idle, because it might be easy.


Your moped might still be running too lean at idle because of this. Once those things overheat, you are done for a long time.

Re: I need help fixing my garelli!

well I was draining the gas and realized on a second check, the gas valve was mostly stopped up. Cleaned it out and it seems to be running great. hope its not running too lean with 3 oz oil to a gallon. Thanks for all the helpful tips!

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