Motobecane rear wheel bearings(?)

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I've developed a little bit of a wobble - it seems to be getting worse. Am I correct in thinking there shouldn't be any play whatsoever in the rear wheel? Because there is some, so I'm assuming it's the bearings. (everything's tightened up of course)

I'm going to be tearing into it tomorrow; does anyone have any tips on what to look for and how to fix what might be wrong? How do I know what's fixable and when I just need new bearings? Is this a problem some fresh grease might fix? Et cetera...

If I do need new bearings, where can I find them, and do I need any special tools?


Re: Motobecane rear wheel bearings(?)

They are deep row radial bearings. Brake dust can get into the right side bearing and wipe it out. Both bearings push out from the inside out. There is a spacer tube that goes between them.

I replaced mine with sealed bearings.

A bearing house, NAPA, or the like should have some. For a 50V you need one #6200 and one # 6000. I think the other bikes are the same. The number will be stamped on the outer races.

- Tim B.

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