problems w/ tomos lx

ok so my lx wont idle unless choke is on and it runs w/ chole on forever if i release the choke it stallos unless i give it full throttle any help is appreciated greatly

Re: problems w/ tomos lx

First I'd check to make sure you don't have a vacuum leak. Check the intake etc to make sure nothing is loose.

Then, I'd give the carb a good cleaning first and then go from there.

Are you using a fuel filter?


Re: problems w/ tomos lx

Keep the clutch off,and adjust the idle screw on the carb.Tighten it all the way and start it,it should be idling to fast ,and then loosen the idle screw about 3 whole turns or untill the back wheel stops spinning,but has enough power to stay alive.Also you may consider cleaning your carb ,and make sure the muffler isnt clogged by taking it off and starting it,if it rides fine then your muffler is to blame if it s still doing it then try the carb idle thing I was talking about.Hope you get it right.Peace

Re: problems w/ tomos lx

Have you modified it at all? Whatever the cause it sounds like you're running too lean.

Re: problems w/ tomos lx

What gas ratio are you using ??

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