Knocking Sound?

any idea what would be causing a knocking sound from the engine someplace. It runs fine but sounds like something is knocking.


Re: Knocking Sound?

haha same thing happend to me. lol wow yeah its really anoying. but its yopu first speede clutch that is lose. take it to go get fixed as soon as you can. if you wait to long it will fuck everything up in your engine and you'll need a full engine re-build. thats not good, for the moped and you wallet. lol

Re: Knocking Sound?

Ben Van Zoest /

Pre-ignition? Check timing etc.

Re: Knocking Sound?

Piston Slap?

Re: Knocking Sound?

If there is knocking at idle, it will be either Piston slap because the cylinder has worn at the top or bottom or like bernard,


If it's Pre-ignition, your acceleration will be terrible, but you must fix this problem before it's to late.

That goes for the Piston slap, if you wait to long you won't be able to rebore the cylinder to the next size.


Re: Knocking Sound?

Tim Brothers /

I think i may have the preignition problem, my acceleration is terrible and i have the knocking.

So what exactly needs to be done, do i need to adjust the timing here?

Re: Knocking Sound?

You need to adjust your stator plate.

I can't remember if you have to go clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Do you remember which way you turned the stator?

If so, just turn the stator the opposite direction.

Which model and make do you have?

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Re: Knocking Sound?

Ben Van Zoest /

Turn upperside the arrow on the flywheel, move the plate back .005 to start, how many miles??? First thinking logically the breaker points plate can't move byitself.

Consider checking the point gap the rubbing block may have worn causing misfiring, TOO soon.

Have you tried 93 HO gas?

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