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I was complaining about a dent i recently recieved in my gas tank and my friend Mack tells me to take my gas tank off my frame let it dry out. Take my petcock out add a little bit of gas and throw a match in it. He says the expansion would take the dent out.

I dont know what to think, would it not damage the tank or at least mess up my petcock opening and my fuel opening

Somebody tell me how to get this dent out

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

joe schuitema /

well, you wouldn't get any expansion, because you need oxygen for the gas to burn, and if you plug all the holes, nothing will be a flame. That, and it takes lots of pressure to push out a dent from the inside. Joe

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

You gotta be kidding , right ??? Adding gas and lighting it to a closed tank. That's basically a potato gun or pipe bomb I've been welding for 15 years . I've seen many gas tanks sitting for 5 years being welded and they still had a few fumes that could blow out a weld bead before it cooled . Welding goggles saved my eyes more than once. DO NOT throw a match in it. I will say it another way "This a REAL STUPID IDEA" that could literally blow up in your face /eyes . The lit match may ignite the fumes BEFORE it even gets inside the tank . This is WITHOUT adding any new fuel. Plus most of your ignited gases will rush out the open hole or it will blow off the gas cap if you happen to get it closed fast enough. If the tank is crimped together the sides will probbably split open. If the tank is removable ,take it to a shop , do it right . If you really have to do it yourself use a remote dent hammer . Rinsing the tank out with water is also a good idea . Any way you look at it - to get it perfect you'll probably have to use filler(bondo)

Good luck and don't play with matches !!

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

i don't this will work, but i thought of it as soon as i read your post:


it's on TV, so it has to be true, right?

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

i thought the same thing roadtripper lol

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

Leon Swarmer /

Be sure to call the fire dept and the ambulance before you light the match, it'll be hard to do after.

Any time there is a dent, the metal gets stretched and trying to straighten it you deal with extra metal...no easy answers, but much safer ones.

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

I don't know if it will get the dent out or not... but it sure is dangerous as hell! It WILL however burn, and release a WHOLE LOT of energy. There is enough air in the tank to mix with the gas fumes... and well... things will get exciting real quick!

If you try it DO NOT use a match... I reapeat... DO NOT use a match. you will mangle yourself!

If your going to try it, use an electric detonator made out of a $2 5 volt relay from radioshack. Hook it up to about 100 feet of wire, and hide behind a nice big, thick tree when you set it off.

And if you turn your gas tank into a smoldering piece of scrap metal... well... what did you think was going to happen?

i'm not going to take the time to go into electrical detonator saftey... i'll just say that when your installing the thing you better make DAMN sure that it can't be activated.

Re: Will this Work -DangerZone

its not worth trying this for a number of reasons....but if you have spare time and a spare gas tank...let us know how it goes.

id say if all goes well you will at least have a nice explosion. And who doesnt like explosions. Now if only you had some exploding monsters....

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