Indian Brake Shoes


I need to replace the brake shoes on my 1980 Indian. The shops I've gone to for a replacement haven't been able to match the shoes to anything that they have available. Does anyone know which currently available brake shoes would be the correct ones?

The only marking on the old ones is a little raised star.

Re: Indian Brake Shoes

try this guy, he has some Indian parts, and some break shoes. depends on which wheels you have. or call him, his name is Bill. 5866772640. I have a large collection of Indians, I have 21 of them. Tom

Re: Indian Brake Shoes

Jordan Caughey /

DAMN!!! 21 indians.... that nice. About the brake shoes though the only thing I can think of would be to either buy used or NOS ones made for that ped.

Re: Indian Brake Shoes

Allen Murphy /

---or have your old ones relined.

Al Murphy

Re: Indian Brake Shoes

check out the load I just picked up in NY this weekend. 6 expresses, 1 express ll, 1 pinto ll with 28 original miles, 1 Puch magnum ll, 1 garelli. needless to say, I had a good weekend. Tom


Re: Indian Brake Shoes

No Freakin Way - totally awsome - My wife would definitely kill me ! Where in the world did ya find them??

Re: Indian Brake Shoes/HANDY BIKES

If you know the brand of wheel you have, BJ at Handy Bikes(1-614-299-0550) or or will have the shoes.

I doubt they are a unique type,but I could be misteaken. Hope you find them! don-ohio

21 Indians...... do you have any schematics?


I just bought two Indians and i am having a hell of a time finding engine schematics. I was told that the Honda PA 50 was the same engine. Is this true? If so, can I use this link to tear apart my motor worry free?

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