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i have a 1979 Piaggio Ciao as imported by Vespa. in the process of cleaning the piston head per my manuals maintenance instructions, i broke one of the piston rings. i would be much easier to work on if i could fully remove the engine from the frame. however, i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the spindle from that attaches the clutch to the flywheel off so i can drop the engine out to the frame. can anyone help me with this? also if you have any leads on parts (particularly piston rings) that would also be helpful.

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You don't remove the spindle (Which is actually the crankshaft), but tip the thing out towards the other side.

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i just am not seeing how it can tip out towards the other side. it seems to be too tight of a fit and the choke is in the way. do i need to remove the choke lever? or are there any other parts that need to come off that i may not of removed? right now the air filter is off, the head is off, and the cylinder is off.

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You kinda have to work at it. First remove the carb so the pesky choke is out of the way then tilt the engine either forward or backward, i don't remember which off hand while at the same time twisting the entire motor towards the side without the crank shaft. The engine should twist down and slide out the bottom of the frame and the crank shaft will glide out of it's hole. This makes sense when i think about it but it is hard to type out so just keep twisting and turning the motor in the frame and eventually it will fall out. Best I can do.


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Leon Swarmer /

backward, but it is quite a little dance

Re: engine removal

thank you for all your help, i finally got the engine out. the carborateur was the problem. once i got that off, the engine dropped out relatively easily.

i am still looking for piston rings though, can any one help me in locating some?

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