Delorto no idle - idle circuit

Does anyone else have Delorto carbs that work great, but will not idle? Even with the screw turned the entire way in? I'm told there is a small pilot hole that is in the carb body somewhere that serves as an idle jet.

Re: Delorto no idle - idle circuit

yep. i cleaned mine out with a commercial strength parts cleaner, soaked it in carb cleaner, blew everything out with 180lbs of compressed air, and that was all with the help of a vespa mechanic with 30+ years experience and yet it still wouldn't idle. go figure.

Re: Delorto no idle - idle circuit

OK, here's the deal. You need to make sure the idle 'pilot jet' hole is clear. I checked this on 2 bikes tonight with instant results.

This hole is facing the motor on the inside of the carb body. It is below the 2 holes on the brass tube that goes through carb. I poked this with a piece of wire brush, then sprayed cleaner in the tube tube under the jet. If you do this with safety glasses on, you should observe some spray out of all of the holes.

Re: Delorto no idle - idle circuit

Yep, it's not going to idle if the idle circuit is clogged.

But, are you sure it's a carb issue, and not a reedvalve issue? Just curious.

Re: Delorto no idle - idle circuit

Use a pin, needle or thin wire to clean out the idle jet , THEN use carb cleaner or WD40 and blow it out with compressed air.

You have to remove the plastic insulator to access the Idle jet

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