Missing Air Filter

Hello everyone, as you know i have a 1980 Honda PA 50 that does'nt run. Anyway I am missing the air-filter and i was wondering since the air-filter is like a sponge if I could use, instead, like a weed wacker filter or a leaf blower filter, or anything else with a small engine. Or if i could make my own provided the right material.


Your knowledge is appreciated

Re: Missing Air Filter

I made my own air filter but it required cutting the old air box break>

It seems you could buy the standard foam (or tear it out of a junked lawnmower, etc) and cut it yourself. Not certain if there is a style that is sized/shaped stock that will make it easiest to then cut yourself to fit.

Some people run without any air cleaner at all (dirty, dirty people) so as long as you allow enough air to mix with gas, you should be able to use any filter you can get to fit.

Re: Missing Air Filter

Too funny.. I was going to request your pics ken. :)


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