Carb gets dirty fast

1977 puch maxi (2hp) all stock Bing Carb. the carb seems to get dirty fast like just after a few days. I say the carb is dirty cuz i took it apart and just ran some wire, air, and gas through the thing and it went from not starting to running great and getting up to 30mph. There is a filter on the fuel line and the gas tank is sealed so there isn't particles in the gas tank and even if there where the filter would be more than enough to catch it. What could be the problem? any ideas would be great.

Re: Carb gets dirty fast

bad gas?

Re: Carb gets dirty fast

it has a fresh tank of pre-mix so i dont' think that is it is there any way to tell of the gas is bad or not i poured some in a clear bottle and it didn't look like it had anything in it

Re: Carb gets dirty fast

How old is the fuel line? Maybe pieces from the inside are coming off.

What kind of fuel filter do you have. Does it have paper or a screen inside?


Re: Carb gets dirty fast

Brand new Fuel Line and Fuel filter with screen

Could it be that something inside the carb is going bad on me?

Re: Carb gets dirty fast

Bruce Wilkinson /

Did you take the petcock off and flush out the gas tank with clean gas a couple of times ?

Re: Carb gets dirty fast

Leon Swarmer /

page 59 I think could be P 57 part 22 did you clean the banjo filter on the carb?

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