upgrading the cylinder vespa grande

hello, i am the owner of a 1980 vespa grande, my first moped and it has been a blast i am looking to upgrade my cylinders to 100 cc performance. i am not sure what all is required to do such an upgrade, I have a polini performance muffler attached and im sure a new carb will be in the works. I was just wondering if anyone knows a good site where i can find the parts i need to begin this upgrade. Local warehouses would be prefered to save on shipping and i live in the grand rapids area.

Re: upgrading the cylinder vespa grande

how fast w/ the polini?

Re: upgrading the cylinder vespa grande

true story actually i did not buy an upgraded jet to compliment my polini muffler. i have a 49 and was going to upgrade to a 52 possibly a whole new carb as well when i can find myself a decent kit.

so in answer to your question the polini slowed down my mph's from about 28 to about 22, it kind of bogs out at slow speeds as well especially from dead starts. also looking at getting a polini airbox.

ps here is my ped in the shadows

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