Weird Air Problem

I installed an inline fuel filter and when i turned the petcock to the on position, no fuel came out unless I tapped the "tickler" on the carb. I took the cap off the gas tank...nothing different, then I detached the fuel line from the petcock and turned it on and gas flowed steadily out. What could cause this?

Re: Weird Air Problem

You may want to look through your fuel hose. LOL

Re: Weird Air Problem

If your carb bowl is full, the float needle will be sealing the fuel inlet on the carb. A sort of air lock forms, preventing the fuel from flowing. The "tickler" opens the needle valve, allowing fuel to flow.

Re: Weird Air Problem

Ben Van Zoest /

Top off the tank the extra weight can drive out the air bubble

I had the same thing after installing an in-line disc filter and new see through urethane hose which tipped me of on the air bubble than viseable. After you run for a mile or so the line should be clear and flowing normally..

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